SnowWeek#2 for the group courses for very young students has ended.


It was an exciting week, says teacher Alberto, I had the honor of guiding a group of very young people aged 4 to 7 in their first steps on the snow.

The first sweeps, the first turns and the first falls faced with great fun by everyone, made the hours spent unforgettable.

At the end of the course the little students were able to try their hand at a track and reach the finish line victorious amidst the cheering of all the parents present, ready to hug them.

N. Harness Time Penalty'
1 42.08s None
2 56.78s None
3 48.19s None
4 44.88s None
5 52.50s None
6 50.10s None
7 47.96s None
8 59.30s None
9 40.34s None


Marco was a very diligent student and always listened to my advice. It was a pleasure working with him and I'm sure he will continue to ski with passion.

Giovanni has a natural talent for skiing. He is very agile and coordinated, and he learned all the techniques very quickly.

Russel was a great classmate. He always helped others and created an atmosphere of joy and sharing.

Timon has made great progress in this course. He went from a beginner to an intermediate skier in no time.

Luca was a very enthusiastic student. He always wanted to learn more and always tried to improve his skills.

Federico is a very brave child. He wasn't afraid to try new things and put himself out there.

Pietro was a very polite student. He always followed the rules and always respected others.